Certificate Issuance Service

The Certificate Issuance Service allows you to receive necessary certificates by applying online and paying via credit card, cash payment at a convenience store, mobile carrier billing, or multi-payment network. You can print out various types of certificates using the multi-function copy machines provided in convenience stores (7-Eleven, FamilyMart, and Lawson) throughout Japan.

By applying and paying in advance, graduates may also use this service to have various necessary certificates sent to them by mail in the conventional manner. In such cases, a separate postage fee will be charged in addition to the application fee.

Current students can use this service to apply in advance for various necessary certificates, which can then be printed out using the on-campus issuing machines. (8:30-17:00 / Weekdays only)

 Convenience stores where service is available

7-Eleven, FamilyMart, and Lawson stores (listed in alphabetical order) throughout Japan that provide multi-function copy machines

* This service is not available at overseas stores.

  Hours of availability

 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

 *On-campus machines are available for use on days and during time periods when university offices are open.

 (Excluding maintenance times, including for various commercial services, as well as periods when university operations are suspended.)

 Issuable certificates

 Current students: Certificate of Enrollment, Academic Transcript, Statement on the Expected Date of Graduation (Completion), Health Checkup Result, etc.

 Graduates: Certificate of Graduation (Completion) and Academic Transcript, etc.

 For details, please refer to the “For Current Students” and “For Graduates” pages.

 Issuance application fee

 Current students: 400 yen per copy (free when using on-campus machines)

 Graduates: 800 yen per copy

 *Printing out a certificate at a convenience store incurs a separate printing fee of 60 yen per copy.
 Please also note that there is a printing deadline (within 7 days from application; printing becomes unavailable after midnight of the 8th day). 

 *In addition to the application fee, receiving a certificate by mail incurs a separate postage fee based on the number of copies required.

 *Fees will not be refunded for completed applications in which the number and/or type of certificate were entered incorrectly.

 Available application fee payment methods

Payment can be made by credit card / cash at a convenience store (7-Eleven, FamilyMart, Lawson) / Pay-easy / mobile carrier billing (Docomo payment / au kantan payment / Softbank collective payment) / PayPay / LINE Pay / Apple Pay.

 Postage (graduates only)

See the “For Graduates” page for postage rates.